Gowns and Gongs – the CT Awards

see-by-chloe-dress So, the big day has finally arrived. Tonight, 230 guests will receive the red carpet treatment at Newquay’s prestigious Headland Hotel, where the winners of the inaugural Cornwall Today Awards will be announced from approximately 9.15pm. You can follow the progress on Twitter – @Cornwall_Today #CTawards – where expectation is already mounting.

It’s the culmination of several months’ work, and we are all terribly excited at CT at the prospect of seeing the fruits of our efforts. As editor, I will be on stage, introducing nominees and presenting awards. This has sent me into a girly frenzy of frocks and war paint, which is most unlike me.

Say the word editor, in particular the female of the species, and you might think of Anna Wintour or Carine Roitfeld. That’s not my style. Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoyed the docu-film The September Issue, which followed La Wintour as she put together the titular edition of Vogue – a doorstop tome, several hundred pages thick with fashion shoots and tips. Some of the monthly drill I recognised, but a lot of it was a different world – I sat slack-jawed as she rubbished a Mario Testino shoot (come and see me, MT, I’ll be nice to you).

When I first got the job as editor of Cornwall Today, my mum looked me up and down with some disdain. “I’d have thought you’d be wearing a suit, like most editors,” she said. My mum doesn’t actually know any editors other than me, by the way.

She might be pleased to know that I am making an effort for tonight’s event. My See By Chloe metallic shift dress (pictured) has been taken out of the wardrobe and dusted off. This week, on Googling it, I discovered the accompanying strip of fabric was a belt – I’ve been using it as a scarf for the past three years. D’oh! I bought it in a charity shop, but not for peanuts, as most of them are wise now to the true value of vintage and designer wear. I don’t begrudge a penny of the £99 I spent (at a time when I didn’t have children to suck up my earnings), as it all went to help Children’s Hospice South West – which, furthermore, is nominated in the Best Charity category tonight.

Since Monday, I have had my nails and my hair done, and visited the nice ladies in M&S to ensure that I am, ahem, well supported. I enlisted the help of our rather more fashionable editorial asistant to choose smart yet comfy shoes – flats, as I can’t contemplate two hours on stage thinking, “My feet are killing me!” But at least I’ve ditched the Doc Martin boots for the night, which my mum (and the MD) will be no doubt pleased to hear.

I’ve even invested in a new lipstick, largely because I wear it so rarely that most of mine are several years old and possibly best avoided. I don’t wear make-up that often, because I feel comfortable in my own skin – it’s a lot better at 40 than it was at 14, for sure, one of the best things about growing older.

Well, I’ve gotta dash, as a dress rehearsal calls. If you are nominated tonight – good luck, and remember: you’re all winners really, so enjoy the night. And if you’re out there, the results will be in the November issue of CT, but if you can’t wait that long (and why should you?), follow those tweets.


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Editor of Cornwall Today magazine, and excited new mum
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