You win some….

“It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part.” How many times have we all trotted out that mantra – without really meaning it? Of course it’s the winning. But hey, there can only be one winner, so it’s best not to get too cut up when you don’t, and to take consolation in being nominated or short-listed.

That was my conclusion on Wednesday evening, when Cornwall Today was beaten to the title of Regional Magazine of the Year at the 2012 Newspaper Awards. The nosh at the Park Lane Hilton was very nice, but a trophy would have sealed the deal. Sadly for us, that went to Cambridge publication CB. The same went my Cornish Guardian colleagues, who were pipped to the post of Weekly Newspaper of the Year by the Cumberland News.

But while we might not have brought home any gongs (and given they were unwieldy pieces of glass, I was quite relieved not to have to cart it home on public transport), we took great pleasure in flying the flag forCornwallas loudly as we could. This was an international gathering, with competitors from as far afield as Ireland and Frankfurt, so we were in good company. And the judges said some very nice things about us, notably that CT was “a huge magazine”. Cheers, guys.

It was the first time I’d been to London in two years, and my first night away from my little girl. It was a wrench, but as she seems to have hit the Terrible Two stage, I took my leave graciously in the knowledge that Daddy and Granny would have tears at bedtime.

The journey up took five hours – it’s a long way to go not to win anything, but hey-ho. Maybe that’s why I have so little patience with the capital. When it takes so much effort to get there, I expect some kind of payback. And the hassle – at Paddington on the way back, I left the Tube to find crowds stopped at the gates due to congestion on the Bakerloo line. I felt smug to be leaving it all behind me.

As I headed back to beautifulCornwall, I took great comfort in the messages left on Cornwall Today’s Facebook page. Take National Trust – Heart ofCornwall, who said: “On home turf, to all of us in Cornwall, you are number one. Stand proud, Cornwall Today!” Or Kath Mulligan: “You are always number one in my book and I am thoroughly enjoying reading all the goodies in the May issue – trying to ration myself to about 10 pages a day to make the pleasure last:-)”

As it’s the readers we aim to please, maybe we’re not losers after all.


About kirstienewton

Editor of Cornwall Today magazine, and excited new mum
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